Blown Covers Food Submissions

from last weeks Blown Covers contest. I had a lot of fun with these, especially the "Segway Hot Dog Stand", and will most likely work that piece up more at a later date. I was taken back to many amazing thoughts of eating in NYC, from Juniors on Flatbush, to the good ol' hot dog stand at the Met! There were a few I wanted to work up more from the thumbnail, but used the ones I felt had the most strength towards a "Food" cover. However none were chosen for inclusion in the top 12, but sketching is always worth the effort. Take a trip over to BC at the links below to see all the great submissions and how everyone approaches visual problem solving, special thanks to Francoise and Nadja for the weekly contest and for the hard work and effort needed to make this happen week in and week out. Look for more on a few different things in future posts, including some sculptural murals I will be undertaking. Thanks for stopping by. 

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