Breckenridge Brewery Laser Etch

wood mural additions for the Brewery's Blake Street Pub. I previewed the sketch process in earlier posts and they are included here as well, those sketches were utilized to laser etch the image onto the reclaimed wood used in the remodel design at Blake Street.
I had the help of Stereo Abstract and the great folks at Club Workshop to get these laser etched with the barrel imagery. Those etched wood pieces were then seamed into the entire image in four sections. These were a lot of fun to see the process from sketch to finished three-dimensional  piece. The process photos are of the laser etch in progress, the finished works connected and displayed as a pair in studio, and the finished wood pieces anchored in place at Breck.
I will be adding some acrylic washes and glazes to the moustache and lips tomorrow and will post the final photos then. A special thanks to my main man Harrison for the assistance and Lisa at Breck. I know my July posts were less in numbers, but more work is soon to come. Thanks for stopping in to see the final touches on these works. 

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