GBS War Paint Final Panorama

is a great sight for me, this mural was completed about a month ago and it concludes the fourth mural with the GB's family. This mural is one of my favorites, both for the concept and the techniques used, I hope you all get the chance to see it in person. Created as a custom mural concept for GBS Colfax, located on E.Colfax and Glencoe, it was an honor to create for the Stokeld family, and a pleasure to do a mural in Park Hill where I went to high school, I can remember driving by this location constantly on lunch breaks. Special thanks to all the folks in the Park Hill community near the mural that I had the chance to meet and talk with, Alex and Cyrus Stokeld, DJ Quote for the impromptu video session, and everyone else that helped me along the way with this project. I will end this project with a wonderful quote that a neighborhood resident so kindly gave me during this project:

When Winston Churchill showed a friend a group of paintings he had recently completed, the friend asked him why he painted only landscapes and never portraits. 

Churchill replied, "Because a tree doesn't complain that I haven't done it justice."

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