TMNT Concept

for a project that has been put on hold, so I am okay to post the process thus far. I worked through this projects theme thinking about testimonial figures that would represent skill. I instantly gravitated towards the TMNT, because who has more skills than these guys, all levels of martial arts and a Rat sensei that is by far one of the coolest leaders for any ninja gang. Once I had decided upon a group to represent the words for this project, I began fleshing the figures out with a bit of reference. I only reached this stage, but will finish this for personal work, or if the project gets the green light again. 
No matter the end purpose, I am having a lot of fun working up the composition, and considering it is in the rough stages, there is much work left to do. 
I will post more progress when I have completed a few more stages, so look for that in later posts, in addition to some upcoming projects. 
The images above are from thumbnail to rough pencil sketch, the lettering is a placeholder for now. Thanks for stopping by and please share and repost. 

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