Afro Predator Gear

is fresh off the presses from the great folks at Indy Ink Denver. Super hyped to share this post with you all. I have the final artwork which I posted some time ago, some detail shots of the graphic on fabric, and of course the full shirts that Indy Ink did a great job on printing. The halftone and the color variations I was going for in the separation turned out nice. These are available in all sizes, email me or look for them on my Etsy store for this and other graphics. 
One of my favorite projects that was completed last year, it is a nice start to this year to have the gear on the shelves, and I have been told the hoodies have been moving well at the Indy Ink shop on Broadway, check them out! Look for the deck from 303 in the near future as well. Special thanks to everybody who has been checking out the posts, and look for more on my IG, and my Tumblr, should be updating that soon as well. Please share, and get at me for this limited run of 25 for now, they won't last long. 

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