DJ Premier 2013

is a new painting recently completed as a gift for my girlfriend Alicia. I know I have been away from Blogger for a little bit, and I apologize for this lapse. I will be posting again more frequently, but also want to let you know that I have been posting a bit more on Instagram. I am still figuring out the kinks of what I want to post, and where, but for now you can follow my work there, if you are on IG, my name is @deltondemarest if you would like to look it up.
DJ Premier is considered one of the most decorated and sought after producers and DJ's in hip-hop, the second portion of the legendary Gangstarr, if you don't know about him, you should look into it. 
I have a lot of great projects and news to share with you all, but for now this post with some good ol' fashioned process and detail shots will have to suffice. I really enjoyed working this piece, and also have been finding many great and talented folks on IG, one of whom actually had completed a digital painting of Primo, using the same reference. In a strange coincidence, he told me the palette he used and it was quite helpful, although creating a "traditional palette" with spraypaint is quite difficult, the overall tonal range of the "Zorn" palette were used here. Darion Falzon is the artists name whom showed me his digital painting, and the palette he used. He is also a seasoned plein air painter, and I have been inspired and gracious to talk about art and hip-hop with him, his handle on IG is @13thson, check him out.
Including using a "Zorn" mixture of spraypaints, I have been applying numerous glazes to the
more recent portraits in aerosol. The way I am doing this is kind of my own little secret, but maybe one day I
will do a small tutorial on shifting tones, and on colorizing a grey tone sketch.
I am pleased with this portrait, and the stretched proportions. It gives DJ Premiers look and demeanor a more impactful feel, but hey what do I know. The best part of this project was creating it as a gift for my loved one. Also that this particular DJ is one of her favorites, and the reference used was one she had wanted me to paint for some time. SO.....hope you enjoy your new painting my love!
 Look for more info on future paintings and projects in the near future.

"Primo" Aerosol on Board 18 x 24

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