Here is the current progress from the larger mural underway for the Gang Resource and Support Project, or G.R.A.S.P. I will keep it brief with the description and let the images tell the rest of the story. This particular wall has seen a few different images on its surface, but with the help of the local kids, graff writers, GRASP workers, my out of town friends, and myself this wall has recieved an entire makeover. The main image aimed at relinquishing gang life in its many forms, is accompanied by the Jaguar and Eagle, two symbols of power and strength within the community and throughout history, echoing the message of the entire image. Special thanks to Ever, Dimz, Rico, Jared, Johnny, Awer, Harrison Nealey, Sine, Johnny Williams, Juan Ortiz, anyone else who helped prep the wall, and Cisco for all the participation on this project. It is nearly finished, with a few touches to be added, and of course the unveiling! Look for info on that soon.

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