Pilot Mural In Progress

In recent posts I had mentioned the start of the mural with the pilot I had done previous work for. Here is the progress and a little bit about the process.
Normally with traditional work or general illustration, the final line drawing is transferred to the board or canvas, and paint is applied immediately after. Not once have I attempted this with aerosol, and here is an example and the results of exactly that change in the process.
This drawing was finalized, projected onto a 3foot by 7foot piece of paper, I then lined the back of the entire drawing with transfer paper, or carbon paper. The next step was to redraw the entire line drawing onto the door surface. I have then been applying spraypaint directly on top of the finished transfer, and it is pretty amazing, but at this scale I have to admit I was a bit skeptical, but alas it is going just fine. I am also quite used to utilizing spraypaint at a minuscule scale, check the links. And check back for the finish and some video timelapse soon.

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