Pacifico on Draft Unveiled w Keg Art

The job of an illustrator can be so rewarding, and every now and then a job will come along that is not only exciting, but one that is under the tightest deadline imaginable. In the long run that is what we are trained to do, undertake any project no matter the obstacles and difficulties, to create our best work regardless of the specifics, this project fell into nearly all the aforementioned topics. I am going to post the artwork and a brief description and I encourage you all to look into the brand, and into a local taphouse w Pacifico draft.
I aimed to fuse both the Mexico, SoCal feel of Pacifico with its new destination, the mountain state and beyond. With this in mind I created 3 separate concepts that all melded and meshed together as a compete painting, since a cylinder has no start and no end as a traditional canvas or board would. The concepts included adventure lifestyle, and aspects of both geographic locations. With all of this in mind, I had a four day window to complete all 3 full paintings, including logos.
So without further ado, here is the final artwork, I will post photos from the launch party in a later post. A special thanks to Todd and all the folks at Crown Imports, was great to work with you all. Thanks for stopping in and supporting creative careers.

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