Warren Weikle Flight School Portrait

The third mural commission for WW2 Pilot Warren Weikle, is a portrait of the pilot fresh out of flight school in his "Pinks and Greens" in 1943. As you can imagine, doing a portrait of a living person nearly 70 years after the photo was taken, and to give it the accuracy it deserves and requires to make a great likeness, is somewhat difficult. Not to mention, Warren is very sharp and attentive to the smallest details, thus paving the path for a great portrait, one that is accurate in every way, all the way down to the texture and finish of the Pilots cap.
With all that said I will leave the photos to tell the rest of the story, I have included a few progress shots from the previous mural, and one with myself and the pilot in deep conversation about the movement of a "Finger Four Formation". There is also a note included about the details of the wings that adorn a pilots formal dress, there was more to the note, but I will leave you with this excerpt to get a slight understanding of how fun, and challenging it was to undertake this commission. I love history, and learning, and both were pushed to a healthy limit on these projects. Both this mural and the previous were completed with 90 percent Evolve brand spraypaints, some Montana and RustOleum were used as well.
There are some more things in the works with this client, and I will post about that before long.
Hope you enjoy the work, and I appreciate you stopping in to view the work.

"Portrait of Warren Weikle- Flight School 1943", Aerosol on Door, 36" x 48"

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