Art of Records 2 Mega-Sean

was my second time showing at the Art of Records curated by Dunn the Signtologist. Here is the initial sketch and the final painting as it was displayed at the opening, and some process and detail shots. I was also asked to take a photo with the work by the Westword photographer, so you get a sense of scale for the painting. I chose to re-create Sean Price Monkey Barz in a more realistic manner than the original cover art by Romeo and Raphael Tangal. Sean Price is among my favorite artists and one who constantly has hand made cover artwork, so it made complete sense to re-envision this particular cover art. Completed in acrylic on wood, at the scale of the original vinyl, this painting was time consuming and gratifying to complete in this fashion. Many more amazing works were created for the show, take a trip to the Denver Solution to see more. You can view my first Art of Records piece by clinking on the link here. Thanks for stopping in to view the work, more posts this coming week on current projects. 

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