Process thumbnails and rough comps for my first ArtOrder Challenge. The challenge was to create a concept for an upcoming video game themed with the idea of a leather clad rocker, bent on denying the evil General Records from shutting down his studio, set in Tool City. I focused on creating a concept that involved the idea of Jimi and Slash's child, fending off corporate suits. The concept for Tool City was one built of tool accoutrements such as screws, wrenches, screwdrivers, and drab colors.
The character design I put together include details about power ups in the game, such as guitar cord plug ins holding cyclops eyes, and electric chair caps, for use in later levels.
ArtOrder is the blog of Jon Schindehette the
Senior Art Director at Dungeons & Dragons® Wizards of the Coast. It is a very insightful and informative blog showcasing the amazing talent at D&D, and the priceless opportunity of having AD feedback, critique, and challenges that offer looks at multiple concepts of the same theme, and some that offer work, which is always a plus. Look into it, beneficial in many ways for artists at any level.

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